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Prophecy in the Abrahamic faiths Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

Prophecy in the Abrahamic faiths - Essay Example In Judaism, male prophets including Hosea, Amos, Jeremiah, Isaiah, and female prophets like Huldah and Miriam are considered the â€Å"mouthpieces† of God, Moses being the greatest of these prophets (Swidler, Duran, and Firestone 2007, p. 39). In Christianity as well, Jesus and the other prophets, including Moses are considered as God’s â€Å"spokespersons† (Swidler, Duran, and Firestone 2007, p. 39). Some others such as those mentioned in early Christian writings are also considered prophets. Islam also believes in the authenticity of the Jewish and Christian prophets, apart from the belief in the prophethood of Muhammad. The similarities among the prophets of the Abrahamic faiths are mostly in terms of their teachings, i.e. they preached monotheism, the oneness of God. They denounced idol worship and belief in false gods. They brought in social order to their nation and worked towards delivering the people from oppression and misery. They served as guides, fore tellers, and warners against sins. The prophets of the Abrahamic faiths also gave the holy scriptures to their people. All these holy books were a result of divine inspiration. All the prophets taught the concept of good and evil, life in the hereafter, heaven and hell, the Day of Judgment, angels, Satan, etc. All the prophets trace back their lineage to Prophet Abraham. 11 Differences between Prophets of the Abrahamic Faiths 11 Jews do not believe in the prophethood of Jesus and Muhammad (Honda, Alderman and Korneliussen n.d). In Christianity, Moses is believed to be a prophet, yet Muhammad is not considered to be a prophet. In Islam, however, both Moses and Jesus are revered as prophets. However, one difference in the Muslim and the Christian belief is that while the Christians believe Jesus to be more than a prophet, the Muslims view him only as a prophet. They do not believe him to be the son of God, unlike the Christians. Moreover, while Christians associate divinity with Jesus , Muslims believe that he was able to perform miracles only by the will and permission of God. Furthermore, unlike the Christian belief, the Muslims do not believe that Jesus was crucified (Honda, Alderman and Korneliussen n.d). As Nasr explains, the Quran does not accept the crucifixion of Jesus, but rather mentions that Jesus was taken to heaven (4:157-58 cited in Phipps 1999). The Muslim belief about Prophet Adam is also different from the Christian and Jewish belief. According to Islam, although Adam was considered to have sinned upon eating the forbidden fruit, humankind is not responsible and the concept of original sin is denounced in Islam (Schirrmacher n.d.). However, according to the biblical version, Adam transgressed the commandment of God by eating the forbidden fruit, and so brought death and sin to the entire human race, the reconciliation of which is possible only through the death of Jesus (Schirrmacher n.d.). 12 The main difference between Jesus and Moses, as per C hristian belief, is the divinity they associate with Jesus (Carmody and Carmody 1996). As per Christian faith, although Moses is a â€Å"great religious hero† and the â€Å"medium of God’s amazing grant of the covenant†, Jesus was more than that (Carmody and Carmody 1996, p. 187). According to them, Jesus sacrificed himself for humankind, â€Å"fashioned a new covenant†

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English paper . Williams in the american grain Essay

English paper . Williams in the american grain - Essay Example The American dominance over the world, prevalent still, can be traced backed to this psyche of these heroes. But De Soto also had the added advantage of being very tactical. He was able to convince the native tribes that he was of divine origin and thus posed before them as a formidable god. When we study the period of De Soto, thus the power of negotiation can be seen slowly gaining ground at par with the power of weapons and riches. Survivalism was the ideology that unknowingly led all the conquistadors win their battles without bothering about hurting others. This kind of survivalism still runs deep in the blood of Americans. As described in the introduction to the book by Horace Grigory (p.17 of Introduction, Williams) the American tradition is characterized by the â€Å"impulse to make all things new, to build new cities†¦ to abandon projects with the scaffolding in the air,†¦(and)†¦to move onward to another El Dorado.† De Soto’s adventures also fit into this profile. The ability to endure and then rise from one’s own ashes like a phoenix are also some other attributes of these earlier Americans and the modern ones. Thus the collective American personality was built through the lives of these heroes and villains of history and has its roots in the mental fabric of these early founders and explorers. One criticism that arises in one’s mind after reading of â€Å"In the American Grain† is that whatever the author makes out as the â€Å"American grain†, can also be equally and logically attributed to the whole of humanity. The instinct to find new worlds, to create new things and the ‘El Dorado’ mindset are convincingly universal rather than American. William has contented that â€Å"there is a source in AMERICA for everything we think or do; that morals affect the food and food the bone, and that, in fine we have no conception at all of what is meant by moral, since

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Predatory pricing of petrol Essay Example for Free

Predatory pricing of petrol Essay Supermarket price wars are putting Britain’s small petrol stations out of business at the rate of one a day. Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Asda and Morrisons have this year embarked on a war to attract hard-hit consumers and the price of fuel has been central to their campaign. Morrisons is offering loyalty points on its new fuel card while Asda has launched a price comparison app for mobile phones to convince shoppers it has the cheapest fuel. Both Sainsbury’s and Tesco have offered money-off vouchers for petrol customers. The Retail Motor Industry Federation (RMI), a trade association representing the interests of 6 000 small petrol stations, is hoping the OFT inquiry will support its members, who believe that unfair and predatory pricing by the supermarkets and some major oil companies is making it impossible for them to compete. There are now about 8 000 small petrol retailers compared with 21 000 two decades ago and 40 000 in 1966. It predicts that in five years there will be very few independent petrol retailers left. The OFT inquiry comes at a time when the supermarkets have proved particularly effective at building up a huge stake in the petrol market. With the recession dragging on, households are keen to save even one or two pence a litre, particularly those families whose livelihoods depend on the use of a car. Between June 2007 and June 2012 – a period that saw  considerable crude oil price volatility – the price of petrol rose by 38% while diesel rose by 45%. In 2011, supermarkets accounted for 45% of total fuel sales from just 1 316 sites compared with 37.4 % in 2010. The OFT said the fuel market for Britain’s 33 million motorists is worth around  £32 billion a year, and accounts for 5p in every  £1 of household expenditure. But many have also blamed the Government and increases in fuel tax for soaring petrol prices. It takes 60% of the price of every litre of petrol in tax – the highest rate in Europe.

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Expanding Lives: My Teaching Philosophy :: Teachers Education Essays

Expanding Lives: My Teaching Philosophy Life progresses in front of our own eyes, sometimes without us noticing. The days go by, the nights grow dark and then it is morning. In the course of each passing day, countless opportunities arise, some of which we take on while others we ignore. Teaching and learning are two of these chances, two I feel upon which we should never pass. In order to ensure I am teaching and learning at nearly every prospect, I have always lived my life as if it is a coloring book. When I was a child, I scribbled on every page, leaving messy streaks of crayon and never staying in the lines. Time went by with elementary school, and I learned the importance of following rules and staying in the lines. As I grew older and entered high school, I decided it was time to strengthen the boundaries, solidifying each picture with clarity and neatness. But here I am, in college and at the completion of my Junior Professional Experience—junior student teaching. How can my coloring book already be complete? It is not. Now it is time for me to go beyond the restraints, to color the world outside of each picture. By teaching and learning at every possibility, I will enrich not only my coloring book, but the pages of others as well. Teaching is not a simple task and it is not trouble-free, but I feel it is the most rewarding of all of life’s opportunities. I see teaching as a way of helping an individual expand. That expansion is not limited to knowledge, however. I want to expand a student’s mind, personality, understanding, worldview, and personal drive as well. If I help a student learn to read, that is teaching. If I assist a child in tying his shoe, that is teaching. If I practice with my brother while he works on his touchdown throw, that is teaching. If I make someone a better person, that is teaching in its most immaculate form. By expanding an individual’s ability to have an open mind and to accept people and their differences, I have made them a nobler person. If a student sits in my class all year with the literature and grammar going in one ear and out the other, but she still leaves with a better understanding of herself and a broadened scope of the world around her, I have succeeded in expanding her to some extent.

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Shall We Tell the President?

In February 24 he heard shocking news. Some people were planning to kill the president and he understood that a senator is also involved in this. When they knew that he heard everything, they tried to kill him. But fortunately he escaped. After the meeting Mark Andrews talked Dry. Dexter and fixed a date with her. Barry called Nick and informed every thing. Nick States entrusted Mark to the hospital. On the way to the home Barry and Nick met In an accident and died _ March 3 Thursday Evening: Mark called Dry. Dexter and postponed the meeting. When he arrived in the hospital Angelo and Benjamin Reynolds who lied near Angelo had died.Mark tried to inform the news to Nick but he didn't get. So he informed all incidents to the FBI director H. A. L Tyson and through car radio he knew that Nick and Barry were died. 4 Friday 6. 27 am: Mark meets Tyson and informed to keep it secret; at the mean time Tyson had appointed two persons to look Mark. Mark starts his investigation about which sena tor involved in this case. At the Library of Congress he checked the congressional record to find out who were all in Washington on February 24. He got a list of 62 senators then he double checked and shortened it Into 38. Friday Afternoon 12. Pm: A meeting of conspirators takes place. One man Is Tony, he was an excellent driver another is Xanthium, a Vietnamese and an excellent rifle shooter, he hated Americans. The third man is Ralph Matson; he is an old FBI agent and the Peter Nicholson, a millionaire. The last man is called chairman. Ralph Matson was the killer of Angelo Ceasefires; he disguised like a Greek priest and killed him. Tony and Xanthium were the killers of Barry and Nick . They discussed about the planning to kill the president. Arc 4 1-relay Attorney 4 pm: Mark called Nils classmate Ana Knew auto ten mafias. When mark speaks with Dry.Dexter he got the news that Angelo was a Greek then he contacted a Greek orthodox priest and understood the killer who he see in the h ospital. 5 March Saturday Morning: Mark meets Tyson. In their Mathew Roger the Cast. Director of FBI gave information about the man who made the arrangements for the luncheon party. Marks visits Arians Ceasefires and learns that a priest came and gave fifty dollar bill to her. Mark traces the 50 dollar bill to know the finger prints. Mark contacted the secretaries of the 62 senators in his list not revealing the secret. He could cut down the number of senators' who had private luncheon on February 24.Sunday Morning 6 March 9 am: Mark calls a person in New York Times to know more about mafias and their attitude towards Gun Control Bill and also about senators who had close connections in organized crimes. Monday Morning 7 March 7 am: Tyson informed mark that a walk-talky of the FBI had missed and through that the information are going out side. For to know which senator where in the capitol on 3 March, mark looks the records and make a list of seven senators ‘Pearson, Noun, Bro oks, Byrd, Dexter, Harrison, Thornton'. 8 March Tuesday Morning 1 am: Tyson scolded Mark when he got the report from the woo men who are appointed to observe mark.They reported that Mark is in love with a senator daughter. Tyson scolded him because his lover's father Dexter is under suspicion. Mark goes to the senate house to see the Gun control bill debate, in which there he reduced his list to 5, because he understood that Noun and Pearson were not in the senate on 3 March. 9 March Wednesday: Tyson tells mark that Dexter may be the conspirator because the porters had seen in him on February 24 in Georgetown with his daughter. Mark shocked, he meets Elizabeth. Tycoon's men informed it and he scolded Mark.

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The Iliad Servants Of Fate - 1028 Words

Taspia Arpee Year I Seminar September 12, 2017 Summer Assignment Servants of Fate One of the most striking aspects of The Iliad is the representation of the divine and their interactions with mortals. In the epic poem, the behavior and status of the gods are revealed in the way they connect with the humans. At first glance, humans seem to be mere puppets to the gods. They are used with no fear for the consequence, as a method for the gods’ personal interests. The humans have a blind trust for the gods and believe that it is up to them to decide their fate and glory. However, it is shown that the divine beings play an unusually prominent role in the war. They seem to be controlled by their emotions and self-interest just like humans are -†¦show more content†¦His mother agrees, on the basis that she knows Zeus owes her a favor. Once Thetis asks Zeus, he is reluctant in agreeing to help in fear of making his wife, Hera, angry. This acknowledges that Zeus agrees due to the favor he owes Thetis and it paints him to be more human-like. It shows that he ponders about the weight of his decision to possibly help Achilles, and he agrees to Thetis’s request by understanding the benefits it would have on him. Zeus admits that he is aware of the trouble his actions will cause, by triggering Hera’s anger, but he continues on with no fear of the consequences. This shows that the repercussions of his actions will not actually matter for him, but would only affect humans, making him unconcerned. He only deliberated about his own well-being rather than considering the effects of his actions. This sets the tone for the rest of the story where the gods are using the humans for their own selfish needs. They attempt to change the course of the fate of mortals, to their own likings, by interfering with human lives. The gods are personified as having human-like emotions, shapes, etc, however, this should not take away from the power they still hold. While their characters are portrayed to be thinking like humans, the y still hold power that is unattainable by mortals, which causes them to haveShow MoreRelatedAt the time of Homer, it was normal for gods to meddle in human affairs, and he shows this in The1300 Words   |  6 Pagesthe time of Homer, it was normal for gods to meddle in human affairs, and he shows this in The Iliad. A vast majority of the Greek gods play some role in how the Trojan wars turns out, which is what the poem is all about. Homer uses the gods to deviate from how normal wars are played out. The head god, Zeus, will be the focus as I go through what he did and how it affected the War as well as The Iliad. Zeus tried to stay out of the Trojan War for egotistic motives and was viewed as a father figureRead MoreAnalysis Of Genesis, And Andromache1381 Words   |  6 PagesIn the contexts of their own time periods, both Sarah, in Genesis, and Andromache, in the Iliad, have similar roles in that they are both confined to the duties within the household. Despite these societal c onstrictions, both women find ways to exert some power and influence within their designated roles in society, but the degree of power they have varies. Sarah holds more power because God will â€Å"bless her† and will make her a part of his plan for Abraham, so she can manipulate events in the contextRead MoreImportance of Iliad as Modern Teaching Tool Essay1460 Words   |  6 PagesImportance of Iliad as a Modern Teaching Tool The passing of works from generation to generation is not an uncommon thing, nor is it a new practice. For centuries, even since the beginning of time, scholars have recorded and passed on historical accounts, works of art, poetry, and great literary works as a means of transcending the culture from one generation to the next. In doing so, these works were not merely used for leisurely purposes, rather as a way to teach and educate Read MoreThe Iliad And The Book Of Genesis1225 Words   |  5 Pagesthemes of suffering, war, violence, and sin, the characters of both the Iliad and the book of Genesis strive to live and define their lives as their own. The women in particular best exemplify this struggle as they contend not only with the circumstances to which they are born into, but must also grapple will the role they play in their society and how their actions influence the greater fate of their people. Within the Iliad, Andromache’s role as a woman and wife to a warrior during war contributesRead MoreThe Nature of Honour in Virgil and Homer1709 Words   |  7 PagesAgamemnon says that he will need something to replace the prize that he has lost at the start of the poem, Achilles replies, â€Å" shall the great-hearted Achaians give you a prize now? There is no great store of things lying about I know of.â⠂¬  (Homer, Iliad 1.124) The men need to continually add to their honour, and without a large victory, they are not able to do so, so there is tension, and the tension is made worse when Agamemnon takes what Achilleus thinks is more than his fair share. This couldRead MoreThe Aeneid, The Iliad and the Odyssey653 Words   |  3 Pages Practically thousands of years after they were thought of and written, the Aeneid, The Iliad and the Odyssey continue to be three of the most renowned and broadly read stories ever told. The Aeneid is an epic poem written in 12 books and is modeled in part on the great Greek epic poems, on Homers Iliad and Odyssey. Odysseus is trying to get back to the home, Aeneas is seeking the new In the Aeneid the first six books were in correspondence to the Odyssey because they illustrated Aeneas hunt forRead MoreMy essay is about masculinity in the Iliad and how gender roles in turn cause a war versus oneself (the title)1293 Words   |  6 PagesThe War Versus Oneself During the time period in which the Iliad took place there was a great emphasis put on masculinity. Five specific qualities were required to obtain the venerable title of a hero. Firstly, one must be born unto noble birth. For instance, a man born from the social status of a servant would cause the man to be immediately looked down on for his rankings among his higher status social counterparts. Secondly, the hero must attain strength. Without strength, the man cannot proveRead MoreThe Biblical Figure Of Job And Greek Hero Achilles1121 Words   |  5 Pagesups and downs in their lives and those experiences made them realize that the world they lived in was not meant to be sought after. They both gave sacrifices, yet kept devoted to their faiths. Job s trials were not just casual, so-called blows of fate, but had an immense and profound meaning. Job experienced severe tests in which every time he manifested brilliantly; firmly clinging to the Lord. He became to the realization that the world offers nothing but injustice and misery. Job was ruinedRead MoreThe Pride of Zeus2473 Words   |  10 Pagesbelieve it’s more than anything the pride of Zeus which justifies his actions. In Homer’s great Epic, â€Å"The Iliad,† the presence of Zeus affected every action taken or avoided in some shape, way, or form. His allowance of other gods intervening in the war at times strengthens the idea that he is all-seeing and all-powerful, due to the fact that the other gods intervention inevitably led fate back onto its original course. But, we’re talking about Zeus; God of all Gods. He refuses to be underminedRead MoreCharacteristics Of Satan In Paradise Lost1029 Words   |  5 Pagesunderstanding of human beings, for mankind is constantly trying to change things they will never be able to change. Satan wants to defeat God, which he knows is impossible and yet he will try anyway. Satan is so high in his own esteem; he cannot bear to be a servant and must be a leader. Satan is doomed into Hell where he will live in fire. But as a leader, and a true protagonist, Satan chooses to accept his situation and rise as a hero for the pack of fallen angels he has led from Heaven. He possesses his

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Marketing - 2518 Words

Exam III MKTG 101 Review Questions Multiple Choice Questions 1) Which of the following is NOT a typical supply chain member? 2) All of the institutions in a channel are connected by various flows. These include physical flow, flow of ownership, payment flow, information flow, and ________ flow. 3) From the economic system s point of view, the role of marketing intermediaries is to transform the assortment of products made by producers into the assortment of products wanted by ________. 4) ________ conflict, which occurs between different levels of the same channel, is more common than ________ conflict, which occurs among firms at the same level of the channel. 5) Which of the following are the three major types of†¦show more content†¦This unplanned static or distortion during the communication process is called ________.noise 33) The six buyer-readiness stages include all of the following EXCEPT ________.hesitation 34) A message showing a product s quality, economy, value, or performance is called a(n)ratio nalappeal. 35) Marketers using humor in their messages claim that they attract more attention and create more loyalty and belief in the brand. This type of message is called a(n) emotional appeal. 36) The two broad types of communicationchannels are personal and nonpersonal. 37) Creating word-of-mouth campaigns by cultivating opinion leaders and getting them to spread information about a product or service to others in their communities is known as buzz marketing. 38) Perhaps the most logical advertising budget-setting method is theobjective-and-taskmethod because it is based on spending necessary to accomplishing specific promotion goals. 39) ________ is the company s most expensive promotionShow MoreRelatedMarketing Analysis : Marketing And Marketing966 Words   |  4 Pagesreflect back over these last five weeks I now have a clearer view of marketing and how it affects not just the consumers of the world and the companies with their marketing managers, but how it affects me. Yes , I am a consumer who clips coupons, budgets my finances, and looks for sale items and this marketing class has taught me that marketing is more than selling or advertising. Marketing managers have a difficult job, as marketing involves identifying, meeting and satisfying the needs of customersRead MoreMarketing Analysis : Marketing And Marketing1486 Words   |  6 Pagesthis day and age, marketing plays a pivotal role in the business environment. Marketing is dynamic, complicated and challenging. The basic concept of marketing is to identify the need of human and society, and research how to satisfy and create those need. According to American Marketing Association (AMA), defining that marketing is the processed activity which communicate and exchange valuable offerings to customers (AMA, 2013). To be more precise, the main mission of marketing is choosing targetRead MoreMarketing Concept Of Marketing : Marketing1651 Words   |  7 PagesMarketing concept Marketing plays a major function in any business organisation. The essence of marketing is about designing and managing a product and generating exchanges of value from where both the customer and the organisation can attain benefits. Marketing is the activity, set of institutions and processes for creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners and society at large (Solomon, Marshall Stuart, 2009, p.13). MarketersRead MoreMarketing Functions Of Marketing And Marketing1229 Words   |  5 Pagestrends, the marketing function is used as a measure in the business-to-business practice, to capture and place varied products in a market place (Kono, 2004). A typical market function provides details regarding the planning, information, product distribution, consumer support, risk taking, financing, and standardization and grading amongst other things (Makloof and Sundberg, 2006). In business a market function acts in respect to the corporate marketing, strategic marketing, field marketing and analysisRead MoreMarketing Concept Of Marketing And Marketing1413 Words   |  6 PagesMARKETING CONCEPT Marketing is an act of promoting and selling products or a service, this also includes marketing research and advertising. The marketing concept is the philosophy used by companies to analyse the needs of their customers so they can be better than the competition. As well as this they must also take into consideration the companies capabilities and the environment it is working in, as they can face the pressures of environmental changes. By using the marketing concept companiesRead MoreMarketing Orientation : Marketing And Marketing1450 Words   |  6 Pages A wide range of companies today prefer to adopt the marketing orientated approach to sell their new products rather than using product orientation before.In fact,marketing orientation also helps such companies to earn more profits in the long time.According to Jobber and Ellis Chadwick (2013),marketing orientation focuses on customers need as the primary drivers of organizational performance.However,this is not always the case. Product orientation still be used by some senior executives and thisRead MoreMarketing : Marketing And Relationship Marketing Essay1359 Words   |  6 PagesIntegrating Marketing With the shift in the external marketing environments, Apple has also shifted its marketing strategy. It personalizes marketing through experiential marketing and relationship marketing. â€Å"Experiential marketing promotes a product by not only communicating a product’s features and benefits but also connecting it with unique and interesting consumer experiences† (Strategic Brand Management, P. 181). Customers can easily experience a sense of community every time they walk in intoRead MoreMarketing Analysis : Marketing And Marketing1770 Words   |  8 PagesWhat is Marketing? A plethora of individuals seem to be misinformed about marketing. Several of these individuals believe that marketing is just advertising. Others will tell you that marketing is all about sales, insinuating that all marketers are just salesmen. Now these beliefs are both right and wrong. â€Å"How can they both be right and wrong at the same time?† you may be asking yourself. Well they are right, because marketing encompasses both advertising and sales. They are both wrong by assumingRead MoreMarketing Mix Of Marketing And Marketing1001 Words   |  5 PagesIn The cutting edge world of marketing dated back in the late 1950s, the four Ps were called the marketing mix, meaning that a marketing plan is a mix of four components. A company who has adopted 4P approach focuses on product, whereas company who has adopted the value approach focuses on value to the consumer. One of other marketing mix is the Value approach. This approach concentrates on delivering value to the consumers or customers, the 4Ps approach is evidently concentrated not on customersRead MoreMarketing Analysis : Marketing And Marketing1878 Words   |  8 PagesIntroduction Marketing research is the process that associates the consumers, customers, and end users to the marketer through information — information used to classify and describe marketing prospects and problems; generate, refine, and evaluate marketing actions; monitor marketing performance; and development understanding of marketing as a process. Marketing research identifies the information required to address these issues, designs the method for collecting information, manages and implements